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Having head lice is as common as having the common cold. Unfortunately most people mistakenly associate it with poor hygiene when in fact, lice are mainly attracted to clean, oil free hair. They do not survive well in dirty oily hair at all. Still, it can be an embarrassing time for teens. So how do you deal with it? The same way you will have to deal with most issues as you enter adulthood. Research and find the facts, educate yourself, develop an action plan, and find ways to avoid having to deal with the same issue again in the future. Because you are already here doing the research, I can assure you that you are already on your way to becoming lice free!!!

Sometimes teenagers find it difficult to speak with their parents or caregivers about having lice. Many are worried because it is not their first time having it, and they do not want to bother their parents with news of another episode. You should remember that no matter what, your parents love you, and they do not want to see you suffer with any condition. Head Lice cause frustration for many parents because it adds another "to-do" to their already long "to-do-list".

Parents are usually presented with a problem and now it is up to them to find a solution. So how can you help? You already have!!! By researching and learning all about the facts of lice, you have already saved your parents many hours of time spent scratching their heads, and searching online for answers. When you speak with your parents, present them not only with the facts, but with the solution as well. This strategy works well with any subject that you may want to discuss with your parents. They will be very proud of your efforts and your willingness to take the initiative to help!!! Want more information about lice? Why drugstore treatments do not work? Find out!!!

Talking to your Parents about Head Lice

Many teenagers spend a lot of time worrying about "where" they contracted head lice? While it is important to know "where", it is even more important to know "how". Teens share everything, especially young ladies. From brushes to hats and yes even Tiara's , it is just in our nature to be social butterflies. But you can find ways to continue being social, without risking another episode of lice. Carry an extra comb or brush for friends if they need one. Be extra nice and tell them that they can keep it just in case they need it later!!! Wow, that kind of makes you an awesome friend.

If a friend tries on one of your hats or scarves, do not panic, just make sure that you do not put it back on your head. Take it home and put it in the dryer on high heat for about 10 minutes if possible. That should do the trick. If you absolutely do not want to let anyone try your hat on, simply tell them that you are having a bad hair day and that there is no way that you can part with your hat!!!

Smile and Say... Head Lice

How Did You Get Lice?

There are more subtle ways of getting head lice that we do not even realize. Like gathering together for a group photo, hugging, or plopping down on your best friend’s bed with your head on her pillow ready to pour your heart out about your day. Be mindful of where you place your hair. And share this information with your family and friends, chances are, you probably got lice from someone very close to you.

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